Our Story

I love to travel and have been traveling around the world to countries such as India, Thailand, Indonesia. I had the opportunity to participate in beach cleanups, volunteered at the recycling center, visited local landfills and witnessed the impact that plastic waste does to our environment and our society.

Making the change in the bigger scale requires a group of us doing it together. We hope our products could spark the conversation, raise awareness of plastic pollution and help reduce the plastic for your business and transition into a new era of a greener & more conscious approach toward business building and a new relationship with our customers.

Together, we can explore a new way of living in harmony with nature & animals (marines) in this modern age by harnessing the technology to reconstruct a greener, renewable & sustainable future for generations to come.

- Valerie Low, Founder of Valow Straws

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Our Mission

Our mission is to join forces with other businesses to make a change in the way we consume plastic and protect our environment for future generations.

What We Stand For

The quality of our lives is determined by the decisions we make every day. By consciously choosing to use products that do not contribute to the pollution, we create a better and greener planet.