Become A Distributor

As we take on this journey of completely eliminating plastic pollution from the environment, we are seeking like-minded businesses, non-profit organizations and distribution to partner up and join forces to take on this cause.  

We believe people want to do good things and the right things.  Together, we can make money and make this planet a better place at the same time!

If you're in the food & beverage business using bulks of plastic straws, we invite you to join us and make the switch today!  Or if you're interested being a distributor reselling paper straws, please contact us to setup up as Valow business partners.

We also partner up with to help replenish the mother earth.  For every 1000 PCS of straws sold, one tree will be planted.  Part of your support will be going back to the earth and for that, we thank you for being AWESOME!