Plastic pollution is an urgent problem. Americans throw away 500 million straws EVERY DAY. Plastic waste pollutes our environment. Paper straws are biodegradable which makes it a great alternative to plastic


Paper straws are compostable & biodegradable

Even if you toss your plastic straws in the recycling bin, they’ll likely end up in landfills or the ocean, where they can take years to decompose.

On the flip side, paper straws are fully biodegradable and compostable. If they do end up in the ocean, they’ll start to break down within just three days.

Paper straws take less amount of time to decompose

As we learned, plastic straws can take hundreds of years to fully decompose, lasting for up to 200 years in a landfill. It’s much more likely that they’ll wind up in the ocean, where they break into smaller microplastics that end up being ingested by fish and marine life.

Unlike plastic, paper straws will decompose back into the earth within 2-6 weeks.


They’re (relatively) affordable

As more businesses become aware of the negative effects of plastic straws and environmentally conscious of their waste and recycling footprint, demand for paper straws has risen. In fact, paper straw supply can't keep up with the demand.  Businesses can now buy paper straws in bulk for as little as 2 cents each.

Paper straws are safer for wildlife

Paper straws are marine life-friendly. According to a study from 5 Gyres, they’ll break down in 6 months, meaning they’re safer for wildlife than plastic straws.