Paper Straws Sample Set

Paper Straws Sample Set

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Sample Set Includes:
- 0.24x7.75" Unwrapped Standard Paper Straws (Color: Green Striped, Red Striped, Solid White, Solid Black)
- 0.24x9" Wrapped Long Standard Paper Straws (Color: Kraft)
- 0.4x9" Wrapped Smoothie Paper Straws (Color: Kraft)
- 0.47x9" Wrapped Boba Paper Straws (Color: Green Striped)

Make the switch today from plastic straws to paper straws. Great for restaurants, cafes, events, and parties.

  • Made with premium food-grade paper & soy-based ink
  • 100% plant-based for worry-free consumption
  • ISO 9001 and FDA approved
  • 100% biodegradable & compostable
  • Thick & Durable for Cold/Chill Temperature. Could hold up in drinks for hours
  • Not suitable for warm/hot drinks

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